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Front luxury suite with cot and blanket.

All luxury suites are $37/day.  Additional dogs can be added to the same suite, up to 3 small/medium dogs total, for $20/day per dog.

We have 2 FRONT LUXURY SUITES available.  These two suites have drywall walls, tile floors, and a gate across the front.  They are located on the side of the grooming area, so if your dog likes to watch the action and see other dogs come and go and be talked to frequently throughout the day, these suites are a great choice.  At night, most dogs who stay in the front suites sleep in a kennel for security.  Kennels are appropriately sized per dog.  Bedding is provided by us and you are welcome to bring any additional bedding, treats, or toys your pet likes.

Please note, if your pet is destructive of the front suites and begins chewing or scratching on the walls or door frame of the room, he will be moved to one of our back luxury suites where destruction is less likely to occur since the back suites have epoxy coated floors and all tile walls.  

Front Luxury Suite

All dogs get walked for potty and play time 3-4 times a day for 15-20 minutes each time.  Bedding and bowls are provided.  Necessary medications are administered per your instructions at no additional charge.  

Front Luxury Suite video
We have 4 REAR LUXURY SUITES available.  These four suites have tile walls, epoxy coated floors, and a tempered glass storm door with pull down screen for ventilation. A REAR LUXURY SUITE is great for dogs who like a bit more privacy, or are more active while boarding.  These suites do not have crates in them, and dogs are provided with a cot or bedding for sleeping.  Bowls are provided.  You are welcome to bring any additional bedding, toys, or treats your pet likes.
Back Luxury Suites.jpg
Rear Luxury Suites 
Back Luxury Suite single photo.jpg
Rear Luxury Suite 
We take pride in providing a beautiful, comfortable home for your pets while you're away.  Thank you for entrusting us with their care.
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